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20 inch Hand Beaten Singing Bowl

20 inch Hand Beaten Singing Bowl

A Mighty Singing bowl fit for a Buddhist Monastery or Temple  . This huge  21 inch Singing Bowl. has immense and deep healing and meditative holistic resonance  Ideal for sound healing professionals ,  Temples , Meditation Centres , Yoga studios etc 
A handbeaten Singing Bowl of the highest quality hand selected by a qualified Sound Healer for use in meditation, healing or yoga or just to bring serene vibrations to your home . 
The bowls  are made to highest possible standards  please do not compare this with cheap thin and mass produced bowls or those machine made bowls from China . 
This is a 7 Precious Metal Singing Bowl .  A beautiful Peaceful sound .
Singing Bowls are perfect for meditation , healing , sound healing and clearing negative energy from a room or from the body or mind   
Many  Buddhist temples of different traditions will have a beautiful singing  bowl to open and close meditation sessions 
Set of Singing Bowl with Striker ( suede covered stick included). Thicker padded mallets available on request 
Beautiful harmonic long sustain and believed to balance and awaken the 7  chakras. ( spiritual energy centres )
Comes with special extra large beater for striking and also a large suede wand  for rubbing techniques of playing the bowl .  An audio clip can be provided on request . 😁 
No returns after 2 weeks subsequent to successful delivery. 
For other regions please send me a Message for postage quote .   Thankyou 
Namaste 🙏🏼
This item is HAND BEATEN authentic  Himalayan singing bowl  Machine made singing bowls are cheaper and have less depth tone and resonance .   
As a Yoga teacher and sound healer I source only the finest quality singing bowls which have optimum holistic resonance. Contact me for videos or live chat to listen to specific bowls. All sizes available
    Color: Golden
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